Tusky Privacy Policy

Tusky does not collect any usage data or personal information from its users.

Data from connected accounts is only stored locally on the device when it is required for functionality and performance of Tusky. This data is strictly confidental and cannot be accessed by other apps (on non-rooted devices). It can be deleted by clearing Tusky's local storage or uninstalling the app.

(Keep in mind that the Mastodon instance(s) you use Tusky with have their own privacy policies. You can usually find them linked somewhere on the homepage of the instance.)


INTERNET: Required to access connected instances, download media, etc.

READ / WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For up- and downloading media

VIBRATE: for notifications

FOREGROUND_SERVICE: To make sending toots more reliable

WAKE_LOCK: To make notifications more reliable

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: To automatically retry network requests when connectivity has been restored

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: To continue receiving notifications after the device has restarted

If you have any questions about Tusky or this privacy policy, you can send a message to @Tusky@mastodon.social or contact@tusky.app